Monday, September 8, 2008

baby giraffe fabric

My cousin called me the other day sheena sheena! I want you to make me two hats for a friend of mines baby shower. she was so cute and excited. She said i was standing in walmart in the baby department and i was looking at the cute baby hats with the little balls on top and thought it would be cute to have hats with ears on them and i had a epiphany! sheena makes hats with ears on top. She can make them for me!

so she disided that she wanted a bear hat and a giraffe hat. for her friends to little boys.
Well the bear hat was easy Fuzzy brown fleece with cute round ears. like the polar bear one on my kitsune fashion etsy site.

The giraffe one was a different story lol. Trying to find giraffe print fleece was hard O.O I looked everywhere! i looked at 4 different fabric stores and there was no giraffe fleece. i finaly found this adorable baby giraffe fabric with the help of the lovely ladies that work there at a local fabric store it's not fleece but it's fuzzy and cute so i think it's perfect!

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