Tuesday, September 9, 2008

sea kelp mermaid fins

This is my next set of mermaid fins This set is called sea kelp mermaid fins.
If you want to watch video's of me swimming in my fins click the title of this post annd it will take you there.

This set are made of 2 layers of lycra/swimsuit fabric and four ruffles to make the fluke and side fins.The ruffles were something i had never tried to make before and it was really hard. O.O
I looked up on the internet how to make ruffled pillows and just made the ruffles long enough to fit the fins. Trying to scrunch them was a task though lol the first thing i tried was sewing floss in to the ruffle so that i could pull it and it would scrunch up. ya it didn't work that way lol. the floss kept ripping off and it was looking to much like a scrunchy pillow not a ruffle one. so istead i just did it the hard way lol and folded it they way i wanted it. it just took me longer to do but it was worth all the time and work because it looks awesome.

My inspiration was the kelp forests of la jolla coves ca.

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