Monday, August 11, 2008


hi everyone i'm sorry it took me so long to get back i was on vacation with my hubby and my inlaws and we went everywhere i tell you everywhere! i'm posting a few pictures that i took while i was away.

ok lets start our little tour we started in old town where we got on a cute little trolley that takes us to different stops all through san diego.
this is a picture of and beautiful shop i found in old town san diego.
all these lovely stars are hand made of tin!

Next we have these gorgeus cheetahs and there keeper from the wild animal park.

Just look at there coats aren't they just beautiful! they are sisters who have been together there whole life's in there wonderful habitat at the park.(hey three sisters reminds me of the three fates of greek mythology)

Next we visited the cabrillo national monument. here i was snaping away lots of pictures of beautiful waves and cute little sea birds.

this cute little seagull posed for me.

This is a picture of one of the many beautiful local art statues on habor drive.

This is also the entrance to the maritime museum. where there is a pirate ship,submaire,and the star of india to explore!

Next we walked the cute and cozy streets of seaport village where they have lots of cute little shops and resterants and of course the view.

Then we took a boat across the bay to coronado island where we walked on the fishing pier and took a rest at a yummy italain resterant to have lunch.

and then it was back to old town to walk around and look at were san diego got it's start.
This is a church on one of the many shopping corners of old town it's a perfect place for families to have some fun. there are people who dress up in costumes from the old west and you can take your picture with them.

That wasn't even half of what we did lol.we had lots of fun and pretty much saw all of sunny san diego.

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