Thursday, July 3, 2008

first day of mersday

This gorgues teal fin is my new project and i'm in love with it. I've already worn it in the pool (as you can see) about a hundred time's I love my new tail! swimming in it feels like your flying and I feel pretty hot in it to. lol

This is the first tail I have ever made and I wanted it to be pretty under the water as well as out of it. So when I cut the fluke (end) of the tail I cut it jagged so it would look like a fish, and the only fish I ever had growing up was a beta. hence the flowy beta style tail. It looks very much like a beta fish tail in the water to so i have achieved what I wanted. a beautiful teal beta fish tail. funny story about the fabrics. I went to pic out fabric that would look good as a mermaids tail (even thought I had no idea what color would) and I had origanaly wanted to make a yellow tail like a gold fish. so I could have a lilly pad bra. (in the making) but instead I found this gorgues teal and I LOVE teal so I had to get it. and come to find out it matched perfect to my swimsuit.
I thought it was funny I didn't plan to get matching fabric it just happened that way. It was fate!

Is there a mermaid in your pool?

hhhhhmmmm maybe you should check just in case.

happy fouth of july tomorrow

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