Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What is lolita fashion?

Originating in Japan lolita fashion is influenced by victorian style clothing and the Rococo period.

The lolita look is made up of mostly knee length skirts and dresses, Big hairbows, hats, blouses, petticoats, knee high socks, stockings and high heel/platform shoes.

With cute accessories like little stuffed teddy bears and bunnies made in to purses, frilling bows for your hair and frilly umbrellas.

There are many differnt types of lolita fashions: Gothic lolita, Sweet lolita, Punk lolita, Classic lolita, Kuro lolita, Shiro lolita, Wa lolita, Hime lolita, Guro lolita, and Sailor lolita are just some of the style's of lolita that have been developed by the japanese youth culture.

I will be posting more indepth on all the styles so come back to check out all your favorite lolita styles.

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