Monday, November 3, 2008

autumn fairy

Autumn fairy is the fourth and final edtion for the halloween extravaganza!
This outfit is my outfit for halloween and i have been working on it all month.

My brother was kind enough to agree to take these wonderful pictures of me in my costume at the lovely balboa park.

here's a little description of how i made my mischievous little autumn fairy costume.
I started by hand sewing glittered leaves to a handmade corset made the skirt and then thought it would be prettier as a dress so i made it into a dress instead. I sculpted the wings and put organza fabric over the wire frame. then I glittered the outer edges in gold glitter and i then hand painted the wings in a vein and flower design.and then the crown i made out of autumn berry garland.

I have also entered my costume in the instructables handmade halloween costume contest!

There will also be a video coming in the next couple of days i will post it on youtube and then put a link to it here.

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