Monday, October 13, 2008

To the sea i go

Today was my first day to swim in the ocean with my fins. yay!
I drug my hubby along to take pictures and video if you would like to see my videos click the title and it will take you there. He got some lovely ones if i say so myself.

(this picture one was taken at the snorkeling cove) Since it is octorber and all, i made sure i went on one of the warmer days hahah the water was still freezing. It was 77 outside that day and the water in la jolla stays about 76 all year round lol so you can even go in decamber that wouls be and interesting christmas picture.

We went to the la jolla coves in la jolla california and when we got there and walked to one of the many beaches (pictures above and below are at the tide pools) we discovered the most beautiful colors of green and red kelp and sealife were everywere to be seen! (we have never been out to the coves so late in the year before usely we go in the spring and summer when you can see the baby seals) it was beautiful!

This picture was fun to take i had to crawl out to this rock in the middle of the tide pools and hope that i didn't get hit by a wave lol

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